How to choose the right size bra

The world of fashion often is full of contradictions and fuzzy lines of distinction. In some cases, the apparent meaning of a phrase can be not only misleading, but more or less wrong. This is particularly true with bras.

Look around you. A majority of the women you see are wearing the wrong size bra. The question, of course, is why? The answer is found in the fact that bra sizing and styles are so varied that getting a perfect fit is maddeningly difficult. Since there is no universal sizing, you will find a 36D with Le Mystere does not fit at all like the same style 36D by Freya. Neither brand is wrong per se in their sizing, they simply measure things slightly differently.

One area that causes a massive amount of confusion in this area is the full figured bra. I had a friend who was frantic after speaking with a bra sizing professional. The professional measured her and suggested a full size bra was the answer when it came to finding a fit. My friend works our frequently and is someone I would consider thin. She obviously agreed and wonders how she could possible be a candidate for a full figure bra?

This “problem” is a common one. It comes from the fact that most women do not understand what “full figure” means with bras. It does not mean a bra with a band and straps that are designed for a larger body per se. Instead, it means cup sizes and bands that are designed to accommodate bigger breasts. Now you might think the two go hand in hand. They often do, but they do not have to.

Let’s assume you are a woman who works out a lot and really watch what you eat. Breasts are very fat sensitive. If you are thin, your breasts will tend to be smaller. To accommodate this, you get breast implants. Now you have a thin, athletic body with larger breasts. What kind of bra is going to be best for you? In most cases, it is going to be a full figure bra. Although your body is petite, the actual area of your breasts is not. It will need larger cup sizes for support.

If you have a larger bust line and find your bra uncomfortable, try moving up to a full figured option. It does not mean you are overweight, just that your cup size needs to be oriented to a larger size.

If you are buying bras that are not what you normally see for sale in most stores, you are either looking for something very small, perhaps for your young teenager, or you are searching for full figure bras. The large sizes in bras use to be harder to find, and in some cases they are still not common, but they are stocked more plentifully than they were before. You can also find them online as long as you know the proper size. There are some special considerations to take into account when you buy a bra for a fuller figure, so be selective so you can look your best.

Women who are larger than a size eight or ten want to feel sexy too. It would seem that some manufacturers forget that these days. A women with some extra weight can be very sexy, but she needs clothing items made just for her?not just larger versions of what is made for those of a smaller size. There are special challenges for the fuller figure, but that does not mean looking great should be such a headache. It just means knowing what to look for in bras and other items, and what to pass on while shopping.

One big problem with some full figure bras is that they do not come in enough sizes. The size around the chest determines if you are a 38, 40, etc, and then when the size around the chest including the breasts is measured and the first number is subtracted – that is how you find your cup size. If you have four more inches when including your breasts in the measurement, you go to the fourth cup size. Some brands simply do not have enough variety, claiming to be for full sized but only going up to 38 DD. Many women are bigger than that.

Another problem is how the full figure bras fit over the shoulders. Some are made with slim straps that dig into the shoulders painfully. When you have more breast to hold up, the strap must be wider to ensure more comfort. They should also secure much better, as a heavy breast pull on the adjustment and allows it to slip down, offering no support when needed most. This also can look terrible under thin shirt materials. Look for wider straps for more comfort.

The biggest issue that many women have with full figure bras is not something that they notice right away, but that others may see. If the back is too tight and no sewn in the right manner, rolls form around the parts of the bra and it is very visible under the shirt. Try to find bras that help to smooth you out rather than bunch up and cause unsightly back rolls and bunches. You may not be a size six, but with the right bra, you can be just as sexy as the next women. You just have to find the right clothing so that you can feel it. Sexy is all in the attitude, so go shopping for the right full figure bras.

Bras are generally categorized into two divisions: the everyday bras and the special bras. As their names indicate, one category is for ordinary wear and the other is for special occasion outfits, purposes or needs. Such special bras are myriad, ranging from the (now quite common) push up bra that increases visible cleavage, through the balconette that projects the breast forward and to the newer tee-shirt bra that features woven cups.

Among the everyday bras is the full support bra which, as its name suggests, fully supports and covers the breast, to prevent it from juggling and jiggling when you move. It is characterized by a good wide band with three or four closures, snug but not cutting and does not leave welts or any noticeable marks on the skin; wide shoulder straps that do not cut into the shoulder; full cups that encompass the breasts completely; probably molded, may be padded depending on the wearer’s choice or needs and preferably underwired with metal or plastic boning.

Some full support bras have very wide bands and are called long line bras. The band may actually extend down the torso to the waist or above the hips, half-corset style. This type of bra is advised when you wear a dress that’s tight in the middle, because the long line bra cancels out body indentations and bulges to give you a finer figure. In addition, the long line type of bra helps promote good posture by its back support which makes it difficult for you to slump or slouch down.

Other full support bras are designed to specifically address the painful upper back and neck problems associated with slouching or slumping. They have criss-crossed back bands that also restrict forward bending, inducing the wearer to keep her ‘poise’. Such bras may look like long line bras without the extensive cover for the lower torso. Because of the support it must give to the back, this type of bra usually has front closures only or none at all, such as in pull-over sports bras.

Variations in the theme occur, of course. The full-figure or plus-size bra -another name for full support bra–, for instance, is designed mainly to support large breasts, and because people differ in bodily characteristics, not one style fits all. It is thus important for you to find the right design and style through actual fitting in the store. Once you find the correct bra for you, you may then shop online for them using the brand, style and size.

The techniques of obtaining the right full figure sports bras

If you want to know if your sports bra fits you well, you have to learn a few techniques. The very first thing you need to do, before buying any bras, would be to measure your size. To complete this, you have to use a soft measuring tape and hold it close to your back at the bra band level. Bring the tape close to your front just above your bust. This will be your band side. If the number you get is odd, you’ll be able to round it down to the subsequent even number.

Following that, you need to measure your bust. Again, put the measuring tape on your back by the bra band and bring it around to the front at nipple area. This will make up your bust dimensions. If you get a.5 or ½ measurement, just round it off and it will give you an exact variety to your measurement.

After measuring the band and bust measurement, you’ve got to get your cup size. You’ll be able to use this formula to get a great measurement: Bust measurement minus Band size equals to your cup dimension. If the distinction between the bust dimensions and band dimensions is much less than 1 inch then you might be within the AA cup. If it’s an inch, then you are an A and so on and so forth. The largest difference would be 7 and that means you might have a DDDD cup or G cup.

Now that you have your numbers, you can go and store for the full figure sports bras to use for your day to day activities.

The most important thing about getting a great sports bra is knowing which one is right for your body type and activity level, otherwise you can risk doing damage to your breasts. Don’t risk it!

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